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Gander Outdoors

My Approach

A company servicing such a wide breadth of activities couldn’t be represented by something as simple as a tree, mountain, or animal. What Gander Outdoors really needed was a logo that represented itself as a company, and this is where most pictorial representations fell flat. They continued to lack representation with the various aspects of the brand. I designed a logo and wordmark for Gander Outdoors focusing on the intentions of the company, providing people with the necessities to experience an adventure.

The wordmark is lowercase. It’s meant to be inviting, organic, and visually simple. Each letter was geometrically built, following visual cues from the “G”.

Simple in appearance, the “G” is actually built on a complex series of alignments relating to earth’s natural orientations. Overall, the letterform is left intentionally ambiguous. It could be a set of wheels, a target, or binoculars. Gander Outdoors is a place to go when you need the tools for an adventure.

Contest Participant

Runner Up