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Chase kissing Hannah on the cheek in Maya Bay in Thailand


Hi! We’re Hannah and Chase, a married, travel-fanatic couple of crazies. Chase’s plan-oriented mind and Hannah’s casual approach balance each other well. Together, we’re usually following a deal just as much as we’re looking for our next adventure. Our travels often find us towing the line between budgets and luxury experiences, where once-in-a-lifetime doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet. It’s through heaps of research as well as spur-of-the-moment planning that our trips come together.


The saying “when in Rome” resonates with our ambition to experience as much as possible when we’re visiting a foreign location, as well as the spontaneous decision making that can result in some of the best memories. But planning can be hard and easily becomes overwhelming. Here, we will record and share our travel hurdles and successes in the hopes that others can feel more at ease with their planning and travel expectations.